About Sasha Utjesenovic

Sasha Utjesenovic is a freelance web developer based in the Hunter Valley, Australia with over 22 years experience in the web industry. His career started as an HTML coder working at Spike Networks where he was responsible for updates and maintenance of web sites for such prestigious clients as Toyota Echo, John Laws, and MCG Trust. The time at Spike provided Sasha with a solid grounding in standards compliant coding and building web pages from professionally designed mock-ups.

Sasha then joined TVSN as Producer of Internet Services and helped establish an online presence for the Television Shopping Network. The company went from having a modest web site to having one of the most visited ecommerce shopping sites in Australia. Later as Web Manager at TVSN, Sasha became responsible for developing site enhancements as well as developing a web based scheduling software system for staff to schedule television programming content.

In 2004, Sasha set up his own small business with the aim of helping other small to medium sized businesses establish themselves on the World Wide Web, and to provide all the necessary tools for clients to maintain their web presence. Since then over 40 businesses have placed their trust in Sasha to provide compelling web services that ensure that their message is conveyed correctly, and reaches their target market.