Listed below are just a small selection of websites and web applications that Sasha has built for a wide range of clients. Select a website's thumbnail image to view a screenshot of the home page, or visit the site and see how it looks and functions.


Bell Art

Bell Art screenshot

Design by Firstnature
Bell Art create a range of aromatic, stationery and homewares products featuring the artwork of Australian artist Meryl Bell. Their website allows customers and retailers to place orders and includes email marketing tools to keep in touch with their customer base.

Matt Granger Photography

Matt Granger Photography screenshot

Design by Freelancer
Matt Granger Photography is a team of photography experts with a passion for teaching their craft to the masses. Their website features regular video tutorials and product reviews and has built up quite a community of followers eager to learn and share their experiences


Hollyhock screenshot

Design by Sasha Utjesenovic
Hollyhock is a new e-commerce website catering to those looking to furnish their home with the charm and simplicity of a farmhouse. Product categories includes homewares, kitchenware and storage. The website is built with Joomla and Hikashop.

PKU Association of NSW

PKU Association of NSW screenshot

Design by Sasha Utjesenovic
PKU Association of NSW exists to raise funds for research and promote awareness of PKU throughout Australia. Through the website they are able to collect membership fees and donations as well as provide information and services to their members and the general public.

Colourspace Post

Colourspace Post screenshot

Design by Vektor Graphics
Colourspace Post is a post-production facility that specialises in colour grading and online editing services for the television and movie industries. Their website is a simple one page site that explains what they do and highlights examples of their work.

UnitingJustice Australia

UnitingJustice Australia screenshot

Design by Uniting Creative
UnitingJustice Australia pursues national matters of social and economic justice, human rights, peace and the environment. Their website is a communications hub containing all of their resources and news items, with content sorted into key issue areas.

Nova Versa

Nova Versa screenshot

Design by Nova Versa
Nova Versa is a cutting edge advertising agency based in The Netherlands which services clients throughout Europe. They needed a website that would express their creativeness and design skills, while showcasing the best of their portfolio.

Panels United

Panels United screenshot

Design by Nova Versa
Panels United is a digital signage media agency operating throughout Europe. Their website has been translated into four languages to cater for their diverse target audience and has distinct sections for advertisers and network operators. Uses Joomla with the Joom!Fish extension for languages.

Oryx Software

Oryx Software screenshot

Design by Sasha Utjesenovic
Oryx Software provides customers with professional data warehousing and data modeling solutions. They required a new logo and a website redesign to be integrated with the Joomla CMS. Their new website allows them to regularly add new articles that are relevant to their potential customers..


Hairdressing.com.au screenshot

Design by Sasha Utjesenovic
Hairdressing.com.au is a business directory site where Hairdressers around Australia can create a free listing to promote their business. Joomla was the perfect choice for a CMS as the staff were already familiar with it and it allowed for all the required features.